Anthony Carty, director of Clifton Asset Management, said:

“In today’s uncertain market attracting funding during the early stages of development can be a real challenge for start-ups and small businesses. With banks closing their doors to firms unless they have the relevant collateral or materials to secure against any investment, business owners need to look at different ways to access finance.

“One alternative source of finance for the business owner who has accumulated a pension over their working life is pension-led funding. A pension fund can be an extremely valuable asset when invested properly and can be used to help a business grow while providing contractually protected and attractive investment returns to the pension scheme.

“This can be done in two ways; by making a simple secured loan to the business, or by buying an asset in the form of Intellectual Property, a Trademark or Copyright for instance. This asset can then be leased back to the company, providing an income stream for the pension going forward.

“Whilst it is vital for the business owner to be aware of the risks associated with this type of funding there are benefits from being able to invest in a business under your own terms.

“Perhaps most importantly it gives the business owner the flexibility to reduce their reliance on traditional lending providers such as banks and as funding from such sources continues to dry up this can only be a good thing”

Kind regards,
Marlo Barge


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