10 Outsourcing Secrets Every Financial Advisor Should Know

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

10 Outsourcing Secrets Every Financial Advisor Should Know.

I am not a “need to do it all myself” kind of gal. I am happy to enlist help where I need it. Whether you are or not, if you have your own financial planning practice or are trying trying to build your business, you need support. Going it alone will limit your business potential and just plain wear you out! Getting help can mean different things to different people depending on your strengths, your available cash, and what you like (or dislike!) to do. As a fledgling firm or advisor, you may not have the resources to assemble a highly competent team with precisely the skills that you need. The secret to overcoming these constraints is to strategically outsource, finding workers that offer the exact skills that I need for a task. As I’ve gotten more skilled at outsourcing, I’ve even discovered how to massively boost my productivity by doling out tasks that take just minutes or hours to complete, sometimes getting them performed for less than the cost of a good cup of coffee!


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